The Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA and Cape Augusta Digital Properties Announce Impact 2025, an Initiative to Positively Impact Augusta’s Harrisburg Area

 The Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA and Cape Augusta Digital Properties announce Impact 2025. The multi-year initiative to improve and expand the programming capabilities of the Boys & Girls Club within the Harrisburg area of Augusta, Ga.

Programs specifically related to this initiative are related to:

  • Improving student exposure and experience with both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and cyber-related skills.
  • Providing mentorship and learning opportunities to youth interested in STEM and cyber
  • Providing job skills training and job experience to late teen and young adults of the Harrisburg area
  • Improve education concerning nutrition of Harrisburg residents and provide a mechanism to positively affect the food culture of the Harrisburg population.

Impact 2025 also looks to improve access and facilities by:

  • Upgrading the outdoor area around the E.W. Hagler Clubhouse for community use
  • Moving the Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA Administrative Offices to the Augusta Cyberworks Campus

 The Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA and Cape Augusta Digital Properties believe that improved opportunity for Harrisburg residents is imperative to the future of Augusta, as Harrisburg is such a central and historically important area for the city.

 The Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide a world-class Club Experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who enters their doors.  An important aspect of any child’s future is a stable and supportive home environment. The programs in development plan to affect the entire family unit through education and training opportunities for all ages.  Kim Evans, President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA, stated, “there is a great need in Harrisburg to address the issues of low employment, underperforming schools, and food desert conditions which place families and young people at risk for continuing the cycle of generational poverty that has plagued the area for decades.  Cape Augusta’s plan to drive economic development in Harrisburg by fostering innovation and collaboration between community organizations, corporate citizens, and residents will create synergies that will ultimately transform the future of this historic city.”

 Cape Augusta Digital Properties Vice President of Community Affairs, Eric J. Zuckerman, suggested that “We at Cape Augusta Digital Properties are honored to have the opportunity to breathe life into the Sibley and King Mills. It is only fitting that we share in any good fortune with the community of Harrisburg. A community that is responsible for the long, historic life of the textile industry, as well as the past and future growth of Augusta. With the Augusta Cyberworks making the mills their home, we are looking to team with community organizations with a proven track record of making a difference in the community and are trusted allies to the residents. Cape Augusta Digital Properties is greatly impressed with the impact the Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA has made in Augusta, so it was a natural fit to our community enhancement goals to work closely with them and support their mission of education, character, and healthy lifestyles.”  

Cape Augusta is a US founded business seeking to develop a diverse and robust portfolio of technology investments in the information technology sector. Within this sector Cape Augusta seeks to focus on the following:

  • Data Center Development. Cape Augusta’s recently formed Cape Augusta Digital Properties; a wholesale data center development company, seeks to develop a fleet of high quality (Tier 3) regional scale data centers across the US. Its ambition is to develop at least 20 facilities in the next 5 years.
  • Cybersecurity training to support human capital and workforce development needs of the community.
  • Commercial real estate in the tech and cyber realm.
  • Residential real estate as a support to the Data Center, Training, and Commercial Real Estate offerings at Cape Augusta’s sites.

Phase 1a, 32,000 sq.ft, of Augusta Cyberworks is completed and Cape Augusta is in the process of capitalizing the balance of the project on the back of significant historic and new market tax credits to build the Cyberworks Academy. Groundbreaking for Cyberworks Academy (Phase 1b) is expected before the end of 2017, with completion by quarter 2 of 2018.

Augusta Cyberworks serves as a vital project to the mill district of Augusta and to the revitalization of Harrisburg as a mid-town for Augusta.

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